WordPress and the LeetSpeak Connection

My 1337 Likes Trophy

(hip hip huzzar!)

Getting WordPress trophies for Likes and Follows is like the icing on a slice of New York cheesecake. It’s a pat on the back. A digital cheerleader that motivates you to keep up the good work, and encourages you to continue blogging your heart (and thoughts) out in the most eloquent way you can, whether that’s with words, images or both.

Today, I was given this interesting WordPress notification and trophy: “Congratulations on getting 1337 total likes on SIM | ANTICS.” At this point, I’d like to interject with a sanitized Wth? remark (which, translated into French, approximates “Quoi?”) Continue reading

Sunflowers and Honeybees

This gallery contains 4 photos. No summer would be complete without shots of honeybees working the sunflowers under the blazing summer sun. Photographed at the Sixth Annual Raptor Festival at Terra Nova Rural Park in Richmond, BC, on August 17.

Honeybee on Sunflower

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Fly Free!

This gallery contains 2 photos. A rehabilitated bald eagle is set free by OWL (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society) staff in Ladner, BC, on a very sunny and hot Sunday, July 27, to the amazement of a full house of bird watchers. Although bald eagles are a common sight in Metro Vancouver, this is the closest I’ve been to one.


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Dragonfly on Denim

I recently vocalized a desire to get closer to a dragonfly, but this is ridiculous. (Three days later) … the metallic buzz heralded a male Brown Hawker dragonfly making a beeline for me, and he roosted on my jeans for half a minute! Body heat? A fascination with denim? Whatever his reason, I was flattered. Photographed on July 20.