WordPress and the LeetSpeak Connection

My 1337 Likes Trophy

(hip hip huzzar!)

Getting WordPress trophies for Likes and Follows is like the icing on a slice of New York cheesecake. It’s a pat on the back. A digital cheerleader that motivates you to keep up the good work, and encourages you to continue blogging your heart (and thoughts) out in the most eloquent way you can, whether that’s with words, images or both.

Today, I was given this interesting WordPress notification and trophy: “Congratulations on getting 1337 total likes on SIM | ANTICS.” At this point, I’d like to interject with a sanitized Wth? remark (which, translated into French, approximates “Quoi?”) Continue reading

Eurasian Collared Doves!

This gallery contains 3 photos. NEW BIRD ALERT! Upon poking our heads out of the kitchen window, we discovered a pair of Eurasian Collared Doves wandering around in the backyard! However, when I tried to photograph them from the second floor sunroom, both took off — but one promptly went to roost on the cherry tree, and afforded me 30 seconds to capture several poses.

Eurasian Collared-Dove

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Requiem for a Tender Avocado Seedling (aka the Wrath of ‘Coon)


Avocado by Jaanus Silla (CC-BY 2.0)

One (or perhaps more) of the raccoon raiders/looters in the backyard laid waste to one of our precious three avocado plants a week ago, viciously tearing it apart at the base and rending the seed in two before it (the seedling, not the raccoon) had reached the tender age of three. All that cooing and coaxing for nothing!

As much as they look like the Lone Ranger, these are nothing more than masked bandits and the most thoughtless dispensers of injustice; first, they (repeatedly) Continue reading

The White-Crowned Sparrow Chronicles

This gallery contains 3 photos. This reclusive little darling was industriously picking birdseed off the lawn on a warm April 9th. Compared to the other, more “established” birds in our backyard, the White-Crowned Sparrow is still a bit camera shy. Its personal space is about 8-15 feet.

White-Crowned Sparrow on Lawn

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